Attention Congress: Impeach Judge Ricardo Urbina Now and finally Declare War on Al-Quada

From Hot Air:

A federal judge has ordered the release of 17 Chinese Uighers detained at Guantanamo Bay, and specifically into the US. Judge Ricardo Urbina demanded that the federal government produce them in his courtroom by Friday, and refused to stay his order for an appeal.
He said he would then release them into the custody of 17 Uighur families living in the Washington area.
The seventeen men were captured in Pakistan after fleeing Afghanistan during the 2001-2 campaign to topple the Taliban and fight al-Qaeda. The judge said that the government had unreliable evidence to show them as a threat to the United States. If living in terrorist camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan doesn’t provide prima facie evidence of just that kind of threat, it’s difficult to know what Urbina needs.
This is what we can expect when the judiciary decides to usurp the role of the executive branch in waging war. Urbina ruled that the detention of the Uighers violates the Constitution with their indefinite detention, but that doesn’t apply to unlawful combatants of any war, and never has. We would be within our rights to hold prisoners of war until an end to hostilities, and Urbina has now given these terrorists a better deal than POWs get.

There are US Citizens who are completely okay with the destruction of the US. Judge Urbina is one of them.

Congress needs to do three things right now:

1) Begin impeachment hearings on Urbina. Boot his ass from the bench.

2) Pass a resolution removing or moving jurisdiction away from Urbina on this case (I am pretty sure this can be done)

3) Pass a resolution declaring that a state of war has existed between the United States and Al-Quada (and its affiliates) since 9/11/2001. This needs to be done to help combat the Lawfare being practiced against the US.

With a real Declaration of War against Al-Quada and its affiliates, the Executive branch can extend POW status to those unlawful combatants captured on the battlefield since it now appears that domestic anti-American elements have been successful in granting the unlawful combatants rights and privileges above and beyond that of POWs.

Update: HotAir now reports the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals has issued an injunction blocking the release.


9 Responses

  1. Could someone please post this judge’s email address? I’m sure a lot of us have a few choice words to share with him, but I can’t find an email address for him anywhere.

  2. Here’s his website:

    It lists office phones (be nice):

    Chambers: (202) 354-3390

    Courtroom Deputy:
    Jim Dales (202) 354-3151

    Court Reporter:
    Wendy Ricard (202) 354-3111

    Here’s a mailingaddress :

    U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, E. Barrett Prettyman U.S. Courthouse,

    333 Constitution Avenue, NW, Room 6006 Annex,

    Washington, DC 20001

    I could not find an email. I can understand that. I don’t publish my real email either.

  3. If the Uighers have been in custody for over 6 years, and they have been cleared for release by our own government, just how long do we keep people imprisoned for? If they are as guilty as everyone has convinced themselves that they are, why on earth are they even being considered for release? While I want to every terrorist captured or killed, what does it mean when the government says they are cleared for release, but doesn’t let them go anywhere?

  4. bobdole: That is a good question and deserves a thoughtful answer. I am pressed for time right now, but I will give a thoughtful answer in a day or so.

  5. Well, that was Oct 22 when purpleslog was pressed for time and today is Dec 15.

    Still no response.

    The Chinese detainees were innocent of everything.

    Too hard to admit an error, for Bush and you

  6. So why weren’t you all complaining when Urbina sent Ana Belen Montes to jail? If he was so interested in the destruction of the United States, don’t you think he would have ruled to set her free? After all she was the most treasonous spy against the United States to have been caught in the last 25 years…. isn’t accepting links. So just Google “Ana Montes”

  7. Sign me up on the impeachment. Clearly the fix is in with Urbina — he just let the Blackwater mercenaries go free from their shooting spree, allowing them to get away with 17 murders. If the Republicans let this guy get confirmed in ’94 he is surely a fellow traveller or paid minion of the right wing oligarchs. To be fair, perhaps he’s non-partisan and simply responding to the deep pockets of corporate militia leader Eric Prince. Impeach the treasonous harlot: sic semper tyrannis.

    Warmest regards,
    Dwight Whayle

  8. This wank stain of an individual just gave the nutters five more reasons to crash planes on your country!

  9. Dwight Whayle thanks for the comments rant of the new year. I disagree with almost everything you said.

    Bill: Yup. Dwight is just repeating the Western anti-USA leftwing talking points. It is kind of boring.

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