ISP Employees Suck – The ATT Edition

I am trying to order ATT uVerse service (really Very High Bit Rate DSL) for a site to replace a Comcast connection that has just never worked (don’t get me started on Comcast).

The ATT person has the address and phone for the business location.

It is not in the ATT business system.

So we are SOL.

Me: “Can you call someone?”

ATT: “No”.

Me: “Is there like an application support number for the application internally at ATT?”

ATT: “No”

Me: (mild lauging noise)

ATT: (Silence)

Me: “So you are saying you don’t want our business? There is no way for you to take are money.”

ATT: “Well…”

Me: “Come on, this is silly. There has to be a way, who can you ask for help on…”

ATT: “Sir I am tring to help you! Please Hold.”

The above was all 10 minutes ago. I am still on hold. I suspect I will remain on hold. I am never to be picked up again.

It is too bad. I would have moved as many sites as possible if this had worked out from Comcast and TWC to ATT uVerse. Now, I will most likely not bother ever again – or at least move very slow on any future change for a different site.

Many American companies just don’t want to succeed. Maybe they can survive for now, but competitors and entrepreneurs will chip away at large unresponsive companies until they collapse (for the overall good of society at the expense of shareholders and employees).

The aggregate of little decisions made every day by people like the ATT person I am talking to matter to companies. Employees who don’t care will in the future find their jobs in jeopardy and poor performing (quantitative, qualitative) employees are weeded out.

Ending to the story. ATT is going to call me back in a few days. And no, they don’t have a ticket number for me. I wil lbe surprised if they call me.


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