“Why high-school debate teams don’t have cheerleaders — or crowds”

…is at Hot Air.

When I debated in high school I had crowds of up to 50 people or so a few times but usually for only special rounds – and not all the time then either. It would have been distracting and not useful. I don’t recall any audience at all for the few Lincoln-Douglas style debates I particpated in.

Also,the events were early om Saturday mornings which keeps crowds away.

As for cheerleaders…on more then one occasion my female partners (or another female team member sitting in the audience of two – a time keeper and a judge) flashed me high thigh or low cleavage during my final rounds to amuse themselves – if we were kicking ass and ahead (as was often the case). Ah, good times.

Incidentally, I talked to my very first debate partner (and the only male) who is also a childhood friend on the phone last night. He was sitting on the toilet, with a laptop and phone, crapping out everything inside him (sorry freaks, no flickr photos this time) in preparation for a colonoscopy. For some reason it occurred to him to call me.

I could hear him flush.


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