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    My Life is weird.

    I am up early this morning. I already have a black coffee in me. I just opened a bottle of Cherry Coke Zero. I expect to drink lots of Caffeine today. I hope to not crash until the end of the day. I may sneak a mini-nap.


    Because of a late night phone call.

    Oh the call was not a booty call of some sort – that would have been okay with me.

    Nope. This was a late night Entrepreneurial brainstorming call from a former roommate. Let me emphazie…it was not a booty call.

    Ninety minutes later the call ended with me all wired up and saying George Lucas ruined Star Wars.

    Overall, It was an interesting talk. It felt good to exercise the MBA part of brain.

    5 Responses

    1. I understand the excitement, your chugging redbulls to try to hammer out an idea by a friend who sent you a quick instant message at 2AM. Your calling friends on Skype trying to find the quote from a book you haven’t read in a couple years. Awww…If only school got me this excited.

      Just look at the animated version from the Clone Wars…need I say more?

    2. Ha…the Clone Wars led me to my Lucas tirade. My buddy brought up that Lucas had figured out how to make a movie without and actors/acting at all.

    3. One word: Midichlorians

      Nuff said.

    4. Its 1am. I am wide awake. My sleep scheduled is F*cked!

    5. FYI: The venture never went anywhere. Oh well.

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