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    Social Credit Nonsense

    Things are getting weird on the Bailout (or Panic).

    On a Fox Business blog, the dumb idea of Social Credit was floated…and no one called the poster on it here.

    My own negative reply was never approved:

    How messed up are things that somebody can push nonsense like Social Credit in the comments and not have anybody call him on it? Jeez.

    I don’t think I was too snotty. Nonsense like Social Credit deserves some snot.

    8 Responses

    1. That was my comment.
      So, call me on it already.

      I used it as an example of a system based on 100 percent reserve banking and the creation of debt-free money by the government.

      Pay for economic growth ONCE.
      Instead of three times.

      So, call me on it.
      Social Credit is not the only plan.
      The Chicago Plan was another very similar plan.
      And the American Monetary institute has proposed legislation on its web-site.
      As does the new Economics Foundation report on Creating New Money.
      Shall we begin?

    2. PS.
      They posted your comment at foxbiz.

    3. Joebhed, Thnaks for the info. I will look into the Chicago plan and comment back here o nit and Soclial Credit (and/or at FoxBiiz).

    4. Joe…can you shoot me a link on the Chicago Plan?

    5. Might this be what he was talking about?


    6. Why don’t you demonstrate your knowledge of Social Credit and show how it’s “nonsense”?

    7. Jim: I am working on a thoughtful reply. I have gotten a link to the Chicago plan from a blog friend. I have been busy today and have not had time to go through it yet so I don’t know if it is separate from “Social Credit” or just a variant.

    8. If you’re interested in commenting on Social Credit, I and a friend of mine, have re-written the article at wikipedia.


      The AMI has nothing in common with Social Credit.

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