My Secret Blogging Life

A commenter at TDAXP asks (I think tongue-in-cheek) about me:

Wait . . . you wouldn’t happen to be Mao’s Swedish love-child, would you? No wonder you hide behind the Barney mask!

I am asked time from time why I blog under an alias.

Its pretty simple, I don’t want my views or writing to effect my current or possible future employment opportunities. Much to my surprise, I have come across vocal leftist in decision making roles at many of my employers. In the age of easy googling, any leftist checking me out would find out I am not on their side – I am not even neutral. For some, that would be enough to disqualify me.

Update: I bet Joe The Plumber wished he had used an Alias with the American Left all over his ass now (see this link)

My blogging place

7 Responses

  1. What good reading interests you have! 😉

  2. I was wondering if anybody would notice!

    (Shhh…I still owe you a review)

  3. I think tdaxp should send me a personally signed copy then tell me to stop trolling his old archives.

    The Left or Right know where to find me. If they want to harass me, I’ll defend myself with rational explanations about anything I write. They want to burn me at the stake, I’ll disappear. There is more than one country that needs help.

  4. Hey, I am sure TDAXP likes the hits for his site!

    In person, I do not back down – I am no shrieking violet! I just don’t want my views to prevent me from work in my profession.

  5. What do you mean, you think? You get serious questions about your relations to Mao and Swedish models?

  6. Heh…Mao yes, swedish models…not so much.

  7. Purpleslog – I can certainly understand your reasons for blogging anonymously.
    After seeing what they have done to innocent civilians (including KIDS, like Trig, Bristol Palin and her fiance) I use bogus names, even when sending emails to NYT, Atlanta C. Journal, Wapo, Time, etc – because the rabid Obama supporters had absolutely NO barriers when it came to retribution, and I do not bring my politics into the office, and don’t want pundits to, either!!

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