Why have I not been doing any 5GW blogging?

I haven’t given up on the theory and ideas of 5GW.

I have just been doing and blogging about other things. I have also been distracted by the election, my career, and the economy.

I have a couple near 5GW-ish post I’d like to write up (an d transfer from note pads). Also, I have list of possible 5GWs I’d like to iterate through and test against 5GW ideas.

I may still do a 5GW podcast, but more likely its will be about all of the associated ideas and common interest of those who also blog about 5GW.

Also, there has been talk of a 5WG book…so stay tuned!


One Response

  1. Hmpf. I wondered what was going on. I look forward to reading the “5GW-ish” posts you’re finishing.

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