7 Things I hate on TV Shows

1) Car Chases

2) Birthing scenes / rushing to the hospital for birthings

3) Weddings

4) Richard Lewis

5) The villain is once again a profit seeking corporation

6) Bush or Republican bashing just thrown into stories or dialogue for no apparent story reason.

7) “The fact of the matter is…”


5 Responses

  1. I’d also add

    1) Overtly cheesy love scenes

    2) Lack in creativity in plot lines

    3) Bad acting

    Oh snap, did we just want to get rid of 95% of TV shows?

  2. pushing daisies…come fore the mildly interesting plot…stay for the storytelling:


  3. I really liked season 1 of Pushing Daisies.

    Season 2 has been so-so so far, but still better then most shows.

  4. I would love to see a TV show where the corporation was the “good guy”. Just once! Once! Like a sci-fi show about a bad ass corporate CEO who is tired of (insert global problem or bad guy) and decides to do something about it with his corporation.

  5. Heh… Iron man: The Series

    Have there been any hero companies in TV SF?

    I think there was an old outer limits where a bunch of rich guys got together and turned one of them into an alien. It was essentially a 5GW to bring about One World Government (shudder pre-teen Purpleslog though that sounded good).

    The Middleman from over the summer may have a corporation behind it (it isn’t clear who is).

    Let me think of some others.

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