Notes: Last Week’s Debate

I never got around to posting my notes, but I ended putting them in a comment at ZenPundit:

I didn’t learn anything new about the candidates.

I thought asking the question about their own VP’s was a waste of time?

Questions I would like to have seen:

1) What would be, for your X administration, the US Global Policy Grand Strategy Policy?

2) What would be your process of carrying out national security decision making and operations?

3) Explain what you see as the American dream?

4) What is your immigration policy?

5) Mexico is falling into a Narco-Civil War. What will you administration do?

6) What do see as the role of Government in markets?

7) What will your administration do to increase entrepreneurial activity?

8 ) Should Cartman fight Wendy (I switched channels to South Park for a moment)?

I liked the Al Smith thing from a few nights later better.


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