Fixing Milwaukee: Milwaukee School District Leadership and Taxes

From the FraudFiles:

Tonight the Milwaukee Public Schools board is going to vote in favor [Purpleslog note: They did] of increasing city property taxes 14.6% for the school portion. That is the largest portion of the property tax bill, so overall taxpayers will see a sharp increase in their bills.

Student enrollment has been steadily declining, while spending has been increasing. The MPS administration wants people to believe that the problem is the state funding formula. The district has been receiving less state funding because the enrollment is declining. But instead of decreasing staffing and building usage in line with the decreases in students, the district just keeps on spending.(After all, taxpayers have deep, deep pockets, right?)

The truth: The problem is the spending, not the funding formula. MPS spending is out of control.

Spending in MPS is out out of wack. By my own rough (much understated) calculation, there is a missing $70k per classroom.

The leadership and skills of those running MPS (school board and superintendent are clearly lacking. While the school board is elected, they don’t act accountable and honestly, they are the brightest folks (just listen to school board meetings on WYMS radio).

I didn’t used to be in favour of the Mayor taking over MPS. Somehting different must be tried. MPS must be saved from its leaders.


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