It’s Obama


USA is in for some tough times. I hope it all turns out better then I think it will.


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  1. This will be an interesting lesson in human pain thresholds, purple.

    Perhaps with this election, there is a chance for some honest dialogue about things we have not been allowed to discuss in the name of political correctness.-Cassandra

    I tend to think that pain makes for quite a many honest dialogues. It just depends. The Al Anbar tribes, after feeling enough of the pain of the consequences of their choice of friends and allies, eventually started talking to each other, to us, and the Iraqi government.

    Pain is a great way to smooth communications out, for human empathy only works when the pain is personal or close. It doesn’t work if the pain is only on tvs, courts, news programs, or in words. Since human beings naturally have defense mechanisms against feeling pain, painful memories, or other such things, you have to bring the pain past their pain threshold level. The Sunnis had an extremely high pain threshold but it was not infinite. AQ has an even higher pain threshold level due to their being fanatics, but their threshold isn’t infinite either. Humans are still humans.


    Cass has some other good posts up pre and post election results.

  2. Thanks for the link. I will check it out.

  3. UPdate: “USA is in for some tough times. I hope it all turns out better then I think it will.”


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