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    On The Bailout aka The Panic of 08, Part 22: The Tally So Far…

    totaled nicely by Reason magazine:

      – $29 billion for Bear Stearns
      – $143.8 billion for AIG (thus far, it keeps growing)
      – $100 billion for Fannie Mae
      – $100 billion for Freddie Mac
      – $700 billion for Wall Street, including Bank of America (Merrill Lynch), Citigroup, JP Morgan (WaMu), Wells Fargo (Wachovia), Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and a lot more
      – $25 billion for The Big Three in Detroit
      – $8 billion for IndyMac
      – $150 billion stimulus package (from January)
      – $50 billion for money market funds
      – $138 billion for Lehman Bros. (post bankruptcy) through JP Morgan
      – $620 billion for general currency swaps from the Fed
    Rough total: $2,063,800,000,000

    That’s a little over $6,800 for every man, woman, and child, or just under $15,000 for each of America’s 140 million taxpayers.

    This is just the start.

    4 Responses

    1. Maybe they should have passed it when it was just 700 billion.

    2. Heh! That was bound to grow as well. Tha tplan was even worse.

    3. The election would have forced them to cut down on their little backroom deals. Since they would have been afraid of the electorate. But now ,they have infinite time to get those deals done and favors traded.

    4. I fear you are correct.

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