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    US News and World Report to Cease Publication: Now What?

    I have heard that US News will cease to be published as a News magazine anymore. They had already announced that they would move from a weekly to a bi-weekly format. Now it wil lbe monthly, but a online-consumer guide of some sort.

    This sucks.

    I have been reading US News and World report since my sophomore year in High School and have been subscribing since my freshman year in college. It has been my best and favorite source of print news analysis. I dod not subscribe for the Hospital Rankings and  Law School rankings lists.

    So, assuming this is true, I will cancel my subscription to US News and World Report.

    The question is, what should I replace it with? I am not fan of Time or NewsWeak (I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly for pop culture stuff) and The Economists is way to pricey for its news components (the biz part is covered by Business Week and Fortune which  I subscribe to).

    Some other options are:

    1. Nothing. Use the internet instead and save the money.

    2. Subscribe to the Sunday New York Times (or just pick one up more often at Starbuck’s).

    3. Subscribe to the new in 2009 Weekly Print Version of the Christian Science Monitor

    Any other suggestions?

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    1. I remember years ago (perhaps I was a freshman in high school) my dad complained that US News had switched from analysis to “features,” which meant going from an Economist-light to a Time-light. I haven’t read US News in years, though I will miss its presense on magazine racks.

    2. It wasn’t quite as hardcore as it used to be, it was better on news and analysis then Time or Newsweek.

      I started reading it to prep for the extemporaneous category in forensics/speech competitions (30 minutes before you gave the speech you found the the topic…you give three speeches for the day).

      I will most likely try out the weekly CSM.

    3. Can’t we just add them to the bailout list ?

    4. Just print out what you are interested in that you see online elsewhere and for what you pay for a subscription, you can have your own personal print edition magazine.

      It may sound dumb but I did this on the Kitty Hawk for 2 years (not for sale of course) aggregating articles and blog posts every week and sending it out as a .doc file to people complete with a table of contents and a weekly “focus” section with multiple takes on one issue. I saw the Air Boss (a naval commander, an O-5) reading one of my weeklies one day while I was in line to turn in my firefighting SCBA. A flash of recognition in his eyes as he saw my name on my uniform and the name on the weekly cover and he turned the page.

      Anyway, it could be viable in place of US News….

    5. Kussw: I like the way you think!

      EB: That might be the way to go. I certainly have internet access and I already use RSS to read blogs and the like.

      It may just be that I don’t get much marginal value from US News anymore given all the online news sites and analysis blogs. As it is now, I do sample new sites and print out stuff to read later.

    6. Now, I am leaning toward trying out the weekly version of the CSM.

      My Milwaukee Journal subscription is up to. I may just switch to a Sunday-only or Friday-Saturday-Sunday subscription.

    7. Apparently there is also a RFSN version.

      There is a PDF-to-Email version also.

      I might just get that, and a sunday print version.

      If I don’t like (or ma not reading) the PDF version, I could drop it.

    8. I have been reading CSM for a year now. It is pretty tame. I think I will let the subscription die. I will get a kindle or iPad. I want to use that for magazines and newspapers. Maybe I will try the Sunday NY Times again.

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