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    Death To Pirates (The Economics of Piracy)

    It should be simple.

    Death to Pirates.

    You find them, you kill them. You blow they vessels out of the water or strafe them with .50 caliber machine guns and/or 40mm grenade fire. You set their shore facilities ablaze. You release the video of their destruction on YouTube in two version: straight destruction version, and a mocking-commentary-with-funny-music version (think Mystery Science theater or American Pro Football commentary with music alternating between American rock ‘n’ roll that Benny Hill music). If their activity increases you use USGOV (and friendly allies) Air and Navy power to patrol and seek out the Pirates. You put Marines and Seals and armed Coasties and private security forces on commercial vessels to provide discreet security and lay counter ambushes. You use UAVs and Airships for surveillance. You buy up some old dredge ships and send them in as bait filled with Coasties, Marines, and Seals. Armed UAV should being fire missiles at their vessels. You use a couple of small diesel submarine firing cost-effective (small blast) guided torpedoes to take them out and to shadow friendly shipping. Nobody who matters cares when Pirates are killed. Mock and ignore anybody who does. Heck practice some anti-pirate lawfare: sue the supporters and appeasers of pirates and seize their assets in the financial system. Drop leaflets over pirate friendly neighborhoods mocking the pirates and listing the current kill totals.

    The aim is to reduce the current profit and the expected future profit of being a pirate –  both Economic and Social. The goal is to stop piracy.

    It really is simple.

    The Royal Navy and Marines just killed two pirates and stopped a piracy attempt. Good on them. More please. And release the video.

    Death to Pirates.

    Pirates: Your fate awaits (if the core has the balls)

    7 Responses

    1. I think you are being very intolerant here. Multicultural considerations require us to respect alternative economic forms.

    2. Death to Pirates!

    3. Your analysis is frighteningly naïve and short-sighted. I pray that you are still in junior high, so that you can count your ignorance to missing history class… If not, does this ring any bells?

      Death to the Viet Cong. You find them, you kill them.


      Death to General Aideed. You find him, you kill him.

      OR maybe,

      Death to the terrorists. You find them, you kill them.

      OR, maybe you’re still gloating over “Mission Accomplished”?

      Your tactics didn’t work so well during a jungle insurgency, urban insurgency or desert insurgency. Consider piracy a seaborne insurgency because you’re up against the same obstacles: 1) the area is the equivalent to patrolling the entire mid-west. And its not like they hoist the skull and cross bones for you to identify them apart from the other umpteen blips of radar you’ll come across. Are you going to search every vessel in the entire gulf of Aden? Maybe just the one’s with cannons? Or maybe you’ll send the entire fleet to blockade all 7 Somali ports, for… ever? 2) Maybe you could try to catch that Somali with a long beard and eye-patch coordinating things from the poop deck. But wait, there isn’t one. Instead there are thousands of pirates each doing their own thing. When you capture one or two or ten, you make space for 20 more. 3) all they need to do is kill one stupid American, and you the entire operation ends. You know its true. America has not interest in Africa–lets be honest about that.

      The fact that you haven’t figured any of this out is disturbing. You are aware that your country is fighting two wars right now, right? You are aware that its arguable whether they will win either of them right?

      No, you prefer to ignore reality and go after the pirates with guns a-blazing. Team America f**k yeah!

      Here’s something you ought to meditate on: Your short-sighted policies are the reason piracy exists. You could have tackled this in 1993, but instead you opted for shooting people. When they killed 18 Americans you ran home tail between your legs.

      If you give that a long hard thought you might come to the conclusion that your short-sighted foreign policy/counter-terrorism strategy isn’t working so well. The more you shoot at them, the more that stand up and shoot back.

      The ONLY thing you have going for you in the Gulf of Aden is that they aren’t radicalized. They could care less if the ship is from a Muslim or Christian country. Hope that doesn’t change.

      And crack open a history book on how piracy was effectively policed in the 19th century. There you will find your answers.

      Finally, I can’t believe I just wasted 5 minutes typing this, all for you to say ‘stupid liberal’ and go back to your ‘clash of civilizations’ ‘us vs. them’ juvenilism. And you wonder why the world hates Americans…

    4. “Death to Pirates” might watch too many John Wayne films but Joel, for all your accurate comment, what is your solution?

    5. Joel, I believe you are just wrong and I haven’t been in high school for over 30 years. Sadly, we have become such a partisan nation that liberal or conservative is all that seems to matter to many people. Forget that stuff.

      I respectfully suggest that killing pirates is an effective way to getting rid of them. I would like to know what history books you are referring to in suggesting there is a better way? I read an awful lot and haven’t found them.

      In the 19th century we knocked out the North African pirate nations. The first time we tried, we could have crushed them, thanks to a brilliant soldier/statesman named William Eaton, but he was undercut by a shortsighted state department envoy, who foolishly paid a ransom and signed a treaty.

      As Eaton predicted, we’d be back and we were. This time they sent a hero from the first war, Stephen Decatur with an overwhelming naval force and he quickly forced real treaties. It took another expedition the following year by the Brits and the Dutch to pound the message hom, but using power worked. Ransoms and negotiations did not.

      In the 1840s, Britain cleaned up a good part of the South Pacific with its navy and an enterprising, although ambitious and possibly crazy adventurer named James Brooke.

      Naturally, they could not eradicate piracy. No one could or can.

      In 1904, a supposedly American citizen, Perdicaris, was captured by a Moroccan bandit, Raisuili, and held hostage. He was actually treated very well and the bandit might be viewed as a freedom fighter today. The Moroccan Sultan sent a note that he wasn’t interested in foreign hostages. It turned out that Perdikaris had renounced American citizenship, but since Raisuili thought he was American, T. Roosevelt felt we should make a point. There was no way we could reach Raisuli in the mountains. Roosevelt first let the Sultan know, first diplomaticly, and then publicly, that “We want Perdidakis alive or Raisuili dead” and backed up his talk with warships and marines in the Sultan’s harbor. The Sultan dealt with Raisuili and Perdikaris was freed.

      Think Chamberlain and Churchill. Who had a better approach to Hitler? Think Reagan and Qaddafi and then Reagan and Lebanon. Which worked better? Think the Cuban Missile Crisis. Would Kennedy blinking have worked?

      We, the good guys, never win completely but we must keep fighting. When you appease these monsters or pay ransom, you are making it worse. Now, again, if you don’t mind, what history were you referring to, and, as Jeff asked – what is your solution?

    6. I never replied here because my readers handled the troll.

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