Top USA Security Challenges

Here are my top 5 (in no particular order):

1) Develop a pretty darn good Influence Warfare capability.

2) Finish the win in Iraq. Win in Afghanistan. Prevent a civil war in Pakistan if possible. Take down the Mullahs of Iran – one way or another. Carry on (with the goal of winning) the Long War against Islamofascism.

3) Partner with Mexico to help MexGov avoid|win the Narco/4GW civil War. Closen US-Mexico relations.

4) Manage the China Relationship. Help grow (nudge) China into being a security and stabilization partner. Nudge China away from the path of being a USA adversary.

5) Manage the intra-Western Hemisphere relationship into being USA friendly, democratic capitalism friendly, cooperative on security issues, anti-narco, pro economic devlopmentandfree trade. Welcome back Cuba into the fold.


3 Responses

  1. Cuba is important. Right now they’re cozying up to Russia because they can’t make a buck off their neighbor. Hopefully that will change soon.

  2. […] Phoenix PD from David Sapde (Yes, David Spade) Phoenix is at the edge of where the Mexican Narco-4GW is spilling over into the […]

  3. There does not seem to have been positive movement on these issues.

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