A way forward for Republicans

Socmodfiscon writes at HotAir:

If republicans would run on deferring social issues to the states while focusing strictly on fiscal conservatism and strong defense they would win big.

They don’t have to deny social conservate agendas just campaign that the legislation of morality (which is exactly what social conservatism is) should be conducted solely within the individual state governements.

Then you would see independents crossing the aisle in droves.

That idea works for me.

The Dem party is turning into a European Social Democrat (EuroSocialism+ soft on National Security) party.

That doesn’t fit me at all.

If the Repubs, think the way back is through being more hard-core on Social (religious) Conservatism + Populism (think Huckabee and his anti-capitlaism beliefs), then there is no home for me there either.

What I believe isn’t terribly complex.

Take Socmodfiscon’s twin focus of National Security and Fiscal Conservatism. Add in being big time friendly/supportive to Entrepreneurial activity. Leave the social morality to the states and local communities and to private individuals.

That would work for me.

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