Stimulus Package: “spending in the range of $500 billion to $700 billion”


I predict every Democrat special interest will come out for their payoff handout.

Most of this spending will crowd out other spending and investment. Capital Investors will be more likely to sit out given the uncertainty of USGOV actions.

I laugh (sadly) when I hear politician talk about the jobs they will create. These will not be viable jobs. They will only exists because taxes are sucked from the viable jobs to pay for these news jobs (and the bureaucrats to manage them).

One thing you hear is that people will be put back to work building or rebuilding schools. That should help fuck up US education for another 50 years. US taxpayers provide plenty of money per student. The problem is that way too much of the capital of the public schools is tied up in their facilities and the management of their facilities (and management/bureaucratic overhead). Throwing more money at school facilities will keep the American K12 stuck were they are. It will do nothing to improve math and/or science education. It will do nothing to improve reading. It will do nothing advance the American K12 system to a 21st century system.

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