An example of why much of the “Stimulus” money will be wasted (or corrupted away)

This is the instapundit post:

THIS SEEMS LIKE A GOOD, AND CHEAP, DISASTER-PREPAREDNESS IDEA: Distributing weather-warning radios to local schools, nursing homes, etc. By “cheap,” though, I mean comparatively so. There’s a $321,000 grant to distribute “over 300″ of these radios. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve got one and it works fine, but it sells for under fifty bucks. Can the ones they’re distributing be that much better? Even with overhead, you’d think you could distribute a lot more of these for $321,000. Heck, if you use Amazon with free shipping, all you need is a list of addresses — no overhead for distribution, just pay a flunky to type them in. At that price you should be able to distribute over 6,000 even allowing for paying the flunky . . . .

Governments are not good at this sort of thing. People might complain that “greedy profit seeking” companies are inefficient, but they are models of efficiency compared to government bureaucracies.


2 Responses

  1. But the government “cares”, Purple. That makes all the difference.

  2. Please Lord Wotan and Lord Elvis, save my country from well meaning idiots and do-gooders!

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