Attention USGOV: Keep This in MInd When Bank of America comes calling for TARP Handouts (On the Bailout, Part #29)

Found at Tech Dirt:

theodp writes “Bank of America has taken steps to cover up the original we-don’t-need-no-stinking-America sentiment of its patent application for Country Assessment, which described BofA’s innovative way of dealing with the problems of ‘a typical American employee [who] demands a high salary, good benefits, a good work environment, vacation time, and other job-related perks’ — relocating jobs to India or the Philippines. BofA has instructed the USPTO to strike its remarks about why employing Americans is such a bad idea, and to replace references to India and the Philippines with ‘Country X’ and ‘Country P’. How clever.

Oh F*ck me – too late:

By the way, BofA came under fire Tuesday as news broke that CEO Ken Lewis, who is currently preaching ‘tough love’ for the Big 3 automakers was quietly spending $7B of his spare cash to up BofA’s stake in China Construction Bank after snagging a whopping $25B in U.S. bailout money.

I really don’t like the bailing out. More companies need to have their equity wiped out, the bondholder made the owners, and the board and executives fired.

It should be clear to all that there is a serious deficiency in the upper levels of US Business and USGOV.


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