This is how the US can loose in Afganistan

Noted in the Wall Street Journal:

“This war has gone on for seven years, the Afghans don’t understand anymore, how come a little force like the Taliban can continue to exist, can continue to flourish, can continue to launch attacks,” Mr. Karzai told a visiting United Nations delegation Tuesday. His office released a transcript Wednesday.
Mr. Karzai for the first time said Afghans needed a clear timeline for the war and couldn’t tolerate an open-ended campaign. “If there is no deadline we have the right to another solution for peace and security, which is negotiations,” he said.

Mr. Karzai has repeatedly called for negotiations, going so far last week as to offer Taliban leader Mullah Omar safe passage to attend talks, an offer that was promptly rejected.

This is not good for the US and our security challenges.

He’s a fool if he thinks he can negotiate to victory with the Taliban.

2 Responses

  1. He’s seen what NATO has to offer. Negotiatons with the Taliban must be looking pretty good by now.

  2. He won’t keep his head long I imagine (literally) with a Taliban victory.

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