“Muslim prayer rooms should be opened in every Roman Catholic school”

So say UK church leaders presumable concerned that that the Islamification of Europe is not proceeding fast enough.

For the US, Europe is going to be a real problem down the line. The longer Europe puts off a reckoning, the worse this will become.

Possible scenarios:

1) An politicians in increasingly Islamic Europe will be less likely to support and work with US, and more likely to appease Islamic nations. The Gap will not be shrinking to our liking.

2) A backlash of non-Islamic people in Europe will take matters into their own hands as they will perceive (rightly) that their elected officials and unelected transnational ruling bureaucrats are unwilling or unable to act i for them. The old old Europe will re-emerge and things may get bloody.


3 Responses

  1. In France, Catholic schools have become very popular with Muslims because they tolerate open expressions of faith.

    The Catholic Church has had to survive for centuries in the face of a hostile government and populace (ranging from Protestant fundamentalist to DaVinci code conspiracy-minded), never mind the competition from the British Patriotic Catholic Association (er, I mean Anglican Church).

    Building up friendly relations with Muslims may prove useful, considering such hostility.

  2. I disagree PS, I see Islam in Europe evolving into something different than we know of so far (You could write a whole book about this topic). You’ll see fringe groups trying to influence political outcomes, like trying to get Shar’ia Law in the UK, but Europe as we know it won’t be the same. Spend some time in Muslim parts in large Europeans cities and you’ll see a combination of Islam/European mixture.

    Try to balance the The War on Islamofacism and Islamophobia mate.

  3. I hope you guys are right.

    Here’s a thought: how’s it working out for France? How about Holland?

    True, I haven’t been to Europe first hand for awhile.

    Last time, I got to see a Muslim Turk Swiss resident beat up a bit a non-Muslim for cutting across his walking path. IN broad daylight. Not one Swiss person did a damn thing until I yelled at the Turk and gave my best don’t fuck with me look. He walked away. Nobody swiss did a damn thing to stop it. As best I could tell, no police were called (or at least they did not respond). Yep, that is just a sample of 1. Switzerland has a large Muslim population because the native Swiss are no longer having kids. There pop is only stable because of immigration (mostly Muslim).

    Islam in Europe will change once they get the numbers up more. A 15% Muslim UK will look and act very differently from a 5% muslin UK.

    I hope I am wrong and you are right. I think I most likely correct though.

    The problem with Islam is that it is bad for Muslims. They gets mullahs and totalitarian leaders who waste there human potential and cause misery. Yep Islamofascism the extreme stuff is worse then the normal stuff. Here’s the thing: The “normal” will generally excuse the the extremist since they are all Muslims. Extreme Islam is on the rise now historically. It is not in decline.

    Hopefully, you guys are correct though.

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