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Get Out of My Head!

2 Responses

  1. You have blown my mind.

    I have not been this surprised since I learned that Blondie was not a overnight 1990s one-hit wonder.

    I was intellectually aware, from Wikipedia, that Al Stewart had been producing discographies for some time, but was under the impression he was much more marginal (thus making myself more l33t for liking him). Obviously, I was wrong.

    PS: Thought your reference to Year of the Cat was to Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Year of the Asthmatic Kitten’ (from the album, ‘Enjoy your Rabbit.’ I was going to recommend you also find Muslimgauze’s “Chinese Pilgrim,” as it seems to be part of one song with YOTAK as the first half.

    Again, obviously incorrect.


  2. It is Saturday night. I just broke down and bought the songs from AmazonMP3. I remember these as a kid and loved them – especially Year of the Cat. Though that now sounds a bit like ELO’s “Last Train To London”, well the bass riff anyways.

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