These “industries” are need of entrepreneurs with radical innovations

Just a few stray thoughts…

Housing – 30% of income for Housing? Jeez.

Personal Transportation – Where is my $5k car?

K12 Education – Too much money, too little results, little customization, wasted human and material capital. There has to be better ways.

Post-K12 Education – Cost are out of control, benefits are overstated. There has to be better approaches.

Government – It shouldn’t be as intrusive, nor should it cost as much.


5 Responses

  1. Expanding on Post K12 Education:
    College is becoming like a “right of passage” in life. Gotta join the club to play ball.

    I’m with him, education is evolving, will the institutions keep up?

  2. […] Sigma notes that eBooks readers will become cheapter than books, while Purpleslog argues that public education should be […]

  3. It is an expensive “right of passage”.

    We would be better offer with a more comprehensive K12. Then some folks could get AA degrees, apprenticeships, or go for BA’s, BS’s.

    Maybe the whole system needs a re-jigger.

    Phase 1

    11 & 12 become (think apprenticeship or freshman softmore years of college)
    TC1 and TC2 (tradesman/craftsman level 1 & 2)
    LS1 and LS2 ( Letters and Science 1& 2)

    If we were designing Post-K12 today, how would it look?

  4. How did I forget and leave “energy” off this list?

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