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    Winter F*cking Wonderland

    Its is icky outside today in the Milwaukee area.

    Lots of snow. Lots. Frack the snow.

    I didn’t bring my camera for this blizzard, so no photos.

    It took me 40 minutes to go the four blocks from my apartment to a main road. I got stopped by a car that was spinning its wheels and couldn’t go forward onto the cross street.

    The person didn’t bother to turn on her hazards. The cars started to pile up behind me. The other lane was unpassable. I got out of my car to speak to the driver.

    She was young and cute. Even in a blizzard it looked like she spent lots of time “perfecting” exactly how her jacket was put on. She was driving her new car from daddy and didn’t know how to turn on the hazzards. I looked and couldn’t find it either.

    She couldn’t move forward. So, I put on my hazzads and when in reverse back down the hill (as the other cars had done by now). I didn’t offer to push her car forward because it took three young guys to push out a different car and I didn’t have much confidence in my ability to do so without killing my back.

    We took a different (flatter) way to a large/busy cross street. We were stopped there as the street plows had made it impassable. A few guys way in the front of the car queue shoveled out enough, and we could all make it out after awhile.

    I normally have a 15 minute drive to work. I left 15 minutes early this morning. It took me 1hr and 40 minutes to get in.


    I wish my street had looked this good this morning!

    Milwaukee Journal Photo from this JSOnline Gallery

    3 Responses

    1. can you call into work “eff this” ?

    2. LET IS SNOW LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW!!!! And it’s not even officially winter yet! On the bright side, I don’t think we will outdo the 49 inches of snow we had just a few Decembers ago.
      But hey, why don’t we try for 100 inches this year? Last year for the season, Milwaukee was at 99 inches officially, but most of the city had more. The airport location is always the official depth marker but doesn’t always reflect what happens in most of the city.

    3. KU: Being an hourly contractor at the moment…I needed to go in. I don’t live that far away anyways.

      MILW: Do not tempt fate!!!!!

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