The Folly of Keynesian/Stimulus Thinking or David Manley is My New Hero (on the Bailout #33)

Here is what David Manley, my new Economic Hero, wrote in a comment on ManSizedTarget:

My foolproof ten point plan to end the recession:

1) Boost infrastructure spending and reduce the cost of consumer goods by building a 6-lane highway across the Pacific Ocean to China

2) Lower the interest rate to negative 101% – people will be sure to borrow and spend if they can get more money back than they spend

3) Outlaw retirement savings to encourage consumption

4) Connect every major city in the United States with a high speed, green eco-train capable of running on sunshine and good vibrations

5) Synergize Green Technology with Social Entrepreneurship

6) Extend the Head Start program to include everyone over 65 years of age

7) Give Americans confidence in their home equity by outlawing foreclosures and adding one zero to all home prices

8) Boost retail spending by declaring 11 new “Federal Christmases” to occur on the 25th of each month.

9) Outsource all manufacturing to China so the U.S. economy can refocus on its strengths, such as dog grooming salons, reality TV production, and advising China on how to sell us stuff

10) Boost Americans’ confidence in the economy by pointing out that never, ever, in the history of the United States has there been a recession while an African-American has been president.

I think his “proposals” would be mod’d up on Digg.

One Response

  1. The best way to show the absurdity of things(especially Keynesian Economics) is with some good ol’ satire.

    Much love for David Manley!

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