“…the Milwaukee Police Department will get the new uniform style it wants, but it could come at a significant price…a 33% premium” (Fixing Milwaukee)

The Milwaukee Police are rightfully switching to modern uniforms:

Nothing is done simply by Milwaukee’s inept municipal bureaucrats though:

The only supplier that made City Hall’s first cut, Goldfish Uniforms, submitted the highest-cost bid by $340,000, a 33% premium compared with one of its main competitors, city records show.

Goldfish, for example, would charge the city $72 for each pair of navy-blue uniform pants, compared with the $53 or $59 bid by two competitors. The contract calls for 9,000 pairs over several years.

Why would the bureaucrats choose the high cost supplier?

The apparent low bidder, current supplier Badger Uniforms, was disqualified along with another contender, Lark Uniform. They did not propose a subcontract with a disadvantaged business, as required by the city, purchasing officials said.

Oh shit, here we go.

So Goldfish is a new business? Nope:

Goldfish, a century-old local company, is a city-certified “emerging business enterprise” deemed financially disadvantaged.

What makes them disadvantaged?

City officials say they cannot specify how any particular certified business meets the program’s criteria, due to privacy concerns. A company official declined to shed light on the certification, but said Goldfish already has customers larger than the Milwaukee Police Department and could handle the job.

So Milwaukee taxpayers will shell out more then needed so some murky bureaucratic regulation can be met. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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