Kohl’s caught screwing with its customers…


It only takes little actions like this that become widely known to destroy consumer confidence in a store chain, in a brand. Consumer can and will vote with there and take there money elsewhere.

If this is an isolated issue, Kohl’s should very publicly fire the management of that store.

If it is not isolated, that is, if it turns out to chain-wide, the board needs to dump the top execs publicly before this turns into a long-term profit-busting fiasco.

2 Responses

  1. My last experience with Kohl’s was unpleasant — generally inattentive and rude. I try to avoid them to the extent possible, though I’ve long suspected that x% off sales are conducted by raising the price a sufficient amount the week or so before hand…

  2. My last experience was unpleasant as well.

    It included me saying something to this effect to the checkout person:

    “Why don’t you call for your supervisor and we can discuss this with and see if it is proper policy for Kohls. Go ahead, I can wait”.

    On ther other hand, Kohl’s has a new Information Security Director opening I am eyeing…

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