Notes So Far: Israel vs. Hamas

1. The Long war continues.

2. It is unclear to me what Israel’s goal is.

3. Is their goal to destroy all Hamas military Capability? They can cause much damage from the air, but they won’t destroy Hamas completely. To destroy Hamas completely, would require ground activity – big time. I don’t think that is happening. Also, I don’t recall reading about any large scale Israeli infantry exercises in the past year.

4. Other say the goal is smaller just to push back on Hamas and get the missiles to stop. ALl of their talk should been around at prepping the world for that befoire hand.

5. This confusion in the goal – this confusion of the message means, unless Hamas is destroyed, Hamas will be able to spin it as a victory (even if only a small one). The Hamas victory condition is simple: survive.

6. I read that Israel is doing it right this time – Influence Warfare – speaking. I don’t see it that way. The calls for a truce on day one from countries that should be on Israel side (or at least be fence sitters) demonstrates this to me.

7. The talk about Israel not be “proportionate” in their response pisses me off. It is mostly talk (influence warfare)  by those who are anti-Israel or anti-anti-islamofascist to start dropping the wil lIsrael and to get more international pressure for Israel to back off.

8. Does anybody expect Hezbollah to stay out of this? I don’t. Iran will do more then allow suicide bomber volunteers.  

9. So, YouTube is blocking somewhat the IDF videos. Get used to it. In internet social communities (e.g YouTube, Reddit, Digg) The  modern left rules. Opposing views are not tolerated. 

10. How much is the timing (now, not in 2/09, 4/09, etc) because Israel thinks its freedom of action will be reduced in an Obama administration? 

11. I don’t think Israel is going to win. Hamas will survive. Uhg.

12 Responses

  1. I don’t think Israel has any sort of long-term goal here, in fact, I don’t think any sort of long term strategy is possible in that region – everyone is thinking, at most, 3 years in advance.

  2. I guess then, Israel just wants to push back Hamas for a few years breather, and then adjust to what happens next? I guess that can work.

  3. What’s interesting is Hezbollah has stayed out of this. A day after the Israeli offensive began Lebanese security found and destroyed Hez. rockets on the southern border. Most of what we hear from Nasralla is directed at Egypt. It could be that Hez is putting more value on their political stability (and the Lebanese state) and less on the death to Israel activity.

  4. Jay, I had missed that about Hez rockets being destroyed. That may explain things.

    As I write this, Fox news just reported that Israel ground forces seem to be moving into Gaza, so it will be interesting if Hez still stays out. I would think they will at least do a feint or bluff of some sort (Iran will want the that as a minimum).

  5. So far so good on the Lebanon front. Naz has promised Hamas will deliver holy hell unto IDF but no rockets yet.

  6. I have been watching the news on and off today. It all seems to be about risiong calls for a so-called cease fire (i.e. Israel to cease operations).


    I hope Israel sticks to it and gets the job done. There attitude should be f*ck what the other state think. The cowards and anti-anti-islamofascist will gnat them endlessly otherwise.

  7. I an leaning towards the analysis position that certain Israeli domestic political matters have cropped up that requires Israeli leaders to take a hard line stance against Hamas. This is geared towards assuring election of certain Israeli politicians against the more hard line attitudes of a Netanyahu. By stealing his platform, so to speak, and conducting ground attacks on Hamas (or even Lebanon), the Israeli politicians are able to hold back the public opinion tide that demands military action to safeguard Israeli children.

    If that analysis becomes true, purple, then Olmert and company will pull out of Gaza even if they are 90% close to completely toppling Hamas. They will pull back like they did in Lebanon because it would have served the appropriate domestic purpose.

    Israel’s greatest enemies have never been without. It was always the pacifist Leftwing traitors inside them. I mean, purple, just look at how many times Jews voted Democrat and against their natural allies like Nixon. They didn’t do so because they were loyal to the existence and safety of Israel. In fact, many Jews want Israel to disappear because they think it was a “mistake”.

    The problem with internal enemies is that you can’t take care of them like you can with external enemies. And the fact that internal enemies often are seen as upright, courageous patriots also makes the damage traitors can inflict far far greater than anything Hamas could ever do.

    There attitude should be f*ck what the other state think.

    But can they also so easily ignore the Israeli domestic attitude that they are better and thus held to higher standards because they won’t let themselves become Nazis or proponents of Total War philosophy?

  8. I don’t follow domestic Israeli politics so I don’t know much about any internal virtual 5th column. Considering though the power the of the anti-USA block in the US, I assume the anti-Israel block in Israel also has power.

    If Israel is perceived to “loose” to Hamas, like they they loat to Hezbollah, things will only get worse for Israel.

    There is a great anti-Israel, anti-jewish bias in the world. Only a strong Israel can survive with the world against it. Its neighbors must fear or they will will chip away at it.

    As it is, I give Israel only a 50-50 chance of survival. At some point some Islamic country will use or pass on for use nuclear devices to target the population centers. A weak Israel increases it, a strong “don’t fuck with Israel” lessons the chance.

  9. Olmert gave us a good example of a Fifth Column awhile ago.


    Olmert’s idea of high ethical standards is to release Samir Kuntar. That makes Olmert definitely a Jimmy Carter II.

  10. “Life Imprisonment”, what a crock.

    There’s a reason why people like me support capital punishment with such hardline stances.

    Cause “life imprisonment” isn’t really life, now is it.

  11. I am okay with Captial Punishment as an option.

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