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    Happy Birthday Elvis…

    …wherever you are.

    2 Responses

    1. Elvis vs. the Fascists!

      Elvis Wins! Elvis Wins!

      Since Elvis, the bonding-and-catharsis element of mass media has expanded to outdo anything that any politician can deliver. We describe an especially popular politician today as looking “like a rock star,” rather than the other way around, after all. (Could there be a worse insult than describing a rock musician as looking “like a Congressman?” I can’t think of one.) And if you’re a working-class guy with lousy prospects, well, you can learn to play guitar, or to make music on your computer, and then you, too have a chance at being the guy under
      the lights – and without having to invade Russia.

      Music took over the airwaves, and today in most of the world a crazed orator would have a hard time getting enough listeners to take over a country no matter how persuasive his spiel. After Elvis, the commercial culture of rock and roll simply occupied the mindspace that totalitarians need, and it out-competed them.

      Not surprisingly, totalitarians have always hated rock and roll.


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