Draft – Shadows of 5GW: The Default American PoV has become a Leftist POV

I started writing this back some time. I wrote out the rest of on a legal pad in long hand which I can not f*cking find at the moment! Since Seerov, is heading into this area, I want to publish what I have so far. I will re-write the rest shortly.

So here it is so far…


I started writing this post a month ago, but just didn’t get back to it. A new post in the ever interesting Amicable Collisions, has prodded me to finish it. My post if more reference historical reference. His is future oriented. More on that in a later post.

Anyways, It has been occurring to me that the default American PoV has become Leftists

Half Sigma is noticing it too:

It seemed like Reagan turned things around and won a huge victory against the Left. During his eight years in office, the tax code was reformed, we won the Cold War, everyone preached the virtues of free market economics. So what happened?

During this time of apparent victory against the Left, the Left was taking over behind the scenes. With its power over Hollywood, the universities, and even the primary and secondary schools, they were able to wage a successful war against non-leftist values. Homosexuality became glorified, the magic word of “racism” became even a more powerful weapon of the left, the idea of Global Warming (which is fake) was promoted until it became the predominant thought and anyone who speaks the truth to it is shouted down as someone who denies science.

He says other stuff too (much of it way less polite), but you get the point.

Look at this part again:

….we won the Cold War…So what happened?

It might be useful to think of the Cold War as having three concurrent and overlapping Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW) efforts. The 5GWers were only vaguely aware of the efforts of the other 5GWs. Even then , they did not have the concept of 5GW to fully understand what was going on.

First recall that 5GW can be defined as

5GW is the secret deliberative manipulation of actors, networks, institutions, states or any 0GW/1GW
/2GW/3GW/4GW forces to achieve a goal or set of goals across a combination of socio, economic, and political domains while attempting to avoid or minimize the retaliatory offensive or defensive actions/reactions of 0GW/1GW/2GW/3GW/4GW powered actors, networks, institutions, and/or states.

The American 5GW effort was created at the dawn of the cold war by a bunch of officials inside and outside of USGOV that put the US response to the Cold War on auto-pilot. The policy was containment. The framework was the layers of institutions and interlocking treaties.  The Military-Industrial was profit seeking agent to keep it going. TDAXP first pointed out this 5GW and tried to articulate on the radio interview. This  5GW took the path of Frog Boiling, and used somewhat partially the Puppet Master style and partially the Socio-Political Entrepreneur style. TDAXP would call this the State-without kind of 5GW.

The Soviet Union 5GW effort (the Active Measures 5GW) is best noted in this post by Adam Elkus enitled “5GW Deception Operations And The Soviet Precedent”:

For the Soviets, deception was a way of life. The Soviet Union—a secretive and paranoid totalitarian state—-sealed itself from outside influence and extensively utilized deception to mislead Western policymakers, journalists, and intelligence analysts. The cultlike nature of Soviet life has ample parallels to 5GW.
The Soviet Union’s main covert strategy involved in use of “Active Measures”—extensive attempts to undermine the West’s unity and influence its decision-making. The battlespace was truly worldwide, ranging from the Third World to the homeland. The Soviets relied on a worldwide cabal of agents and contacts to agitate against America and her allies through a series of front organizations. The methods of agitation ranged from black propaganda to sophisticated media campaigns. Agitation meshed with strategic influence operations utilizing agents and sympathizers highly placed within government, academia, and the press to mold both policy and public perception to Moscow’s benefit. Not all of the KGB’s proxies were committed believers—KGB officers also developed unwitting agents of influence for the purpose of spreading messages favorable to the USSR.

This was a Memetic-Engineering style of 5GW (really part 4GW, part 5GW) that also took the path of Frog Boiling, and had aspect of both being a state-without kind of 5GW and an insurgent 5GW kind of 5GW. The active measures 5GW created many prawns to carry its messages and weaken the morale and resolve of the West and to continually nudge the undecided in the Siovuiet direction. The Active Measures 5GW was working. Its practitioners thought they were winning and large numbers of the populations in West were becoming neutral or moving to the other side.

And then it was over.

FLICKR image from Kiel Bryant

FLICKR image from jimforest

The Soviet Union fell from the accumulated effects of decades of containment, along with: the inefficiency of socialism, extra pressures from a new US President and big negative effects from an ill-fated military adventure in Afghanistan.

This should be the age of the triumph and warmheartedness toward the ideas and institutions of Democratic Capitalism and conversely an age of ridicule and scorn toward the ideas and followers of the Left (e.g. Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Mao-ism, Trotskyism, Castro-ism, and The Cult Che).

Things haven’t worked out that way.

There was third cold war 5GW (that continues still today). It can be called the 5GW Institutional Long March.

At its foundation was an American fifth column of sorts, Leftists of many colors (e.g. Maoist, Trotskyist, Che Cultist), so-called Democratic Socialist, fellow travelers and useful idiots who where effected (ranging from nudging to more direct manipulation) in part by the Soviet Active measures 5GW. The failure of this non-kinetic 4GW by the SDS and other affiliated groups led to a more radical efforts by groups such as the Weathermen which also failed.

A new strategy was needed if “success” was to be achieved.

A lazy ass efficiency minded person like myself doesn’t like to do something twice. So, I have to find the rest of my notes this week, or just re-write the missing part.


28 Responses

  1. Isn’t Long March a term more appropriate to 4GW, such as Mao’s people’s war?

  2. The term Long March does come from Mao and that People’s war.

    The post-Weatherman and related groups used a modified version of the term in their proto-5GW writings called for a “Long March Through Institutions”. It is essentially an 5GW strategy of institutional infiltration that should sound familiar to you as it is similair to stuff you wrote in some early 5GW posts where the 5GWer would becomes the judges, become the teachers, etc.

    By “owning” these institutions, over the long term victory can be achieved. So we have frog boiling, institutional dimension use leading to self-perpetuation, long time frames & secrecy leading to non-observation, Strategic Citizens. etc.

  3. We also have women who sell their virginities in order to fund Women’s Studies on Virginity Values in society.


  4. That’s called “being a prostitute”…whatever the purpose of the money is. 🙂

  5. The long march through the institutions was described by the Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci, who had nothing to do with the Red Chinese Long March.

  6. Great Link, C4.

  7. I’ll try to pass it along to those that would be interested in reading that.

  8. And this is ultimately what will result for people

    And I’ll be here, across the ocean, watching as the entire nation burns. Which will happen sooner, rather than later.

  9. Thanks for the links!

    Antonio Gramsci is in the missing section. His ideas are a the heart of this Leftists 5GW.

    Question: Did he not crib the “Long March” terminology from Mao? I do realize Mao’s long March was a different animal. Mao’s effort was 4GW-ish. The Gramsci method is 5GW-ish. He didn’t cal lit that, but that is what is was. It is a re-occurring pattern used in 5GW.

  10. Oh, and things didn’t work that way because we didn’t make a systematic memetic savaging of marxism, like we did of nazism, which also has somewhat grown over the last 10-20 years.

    What should have happened at the end of the cold war was a systematic de-nazification, but applied to marxism in all its forms.

    Designate all revolutionary left wing organisations criminal organisations.

    Outlaw and shun their symbols.

    Tie those symbols to negative emotions.

    Put all individuals tied to these parties on trial.

    But, as we saw, none of this happen. I blame this on the fact that at its heart America is a progressive nation (and always has been) with sympathies towards left ideologies. America’s left wing establishment, that controls most of the media and the universities, saw it fit not to do that (cause as we know many of them supported these evil regimes and they’d be put on trial too).

  11. “What should have happened at the end of the cold war was a systematic de-nazification, but applied to marxism in all its forms.”.

    Yes. We blew it.

    I now we must the meme war again. Or use 5GW to get want we need anyways.

  12. […] which let me point out: The Default American PoV has become a Leftist […]

  13. NOtes:

    Western Leftist Anti-West 5GW: The Long March Through InstitutionsS-C X M-E X S-P-E X P-M
    infiltrate institutions
    attack unifying cultural stories

    undermine institutions, embrace and extend, own


    re-write history

    own teaching of the next generations

    make common cause with enemy foreign and domestic

    use conspiracy theory shaming against critics

  14. […] seemed to be suggesting a Neo-Communist/Neo-Marxist/Crytpo-Communist 5GW Project is underway and ramping up its actions…actions it has been taking small steps over […]

  15. IDEDA: The US 5GW (auto-pilot Military-Industrial Complex) plus the final effort by the Regan administration was successfully directed at ending the Soviet Union. They were not aimed at the Communist ideology (and the Communist meme-based networks). That ideology and those networks have grown in breadth and depth.

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