My Suggestion for chapters for Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW) book

TDAXP is calling for chapter ideas and submissions for a 5GW Book (a souvenir edition) of the Dreaming 5GW PoV on Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW) theory .

Here are my suggestions for an overview:

  • Forward by TBD
  • What is Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW): Our Point of View (PoV)
  • The Genesis of this PoV
  • XGW, not Lind’s GMW
  • Properties of 5GW
  • Visualizing XGW
  • Actors and 5GW
  • Styles, Kinds, Types, and Organizations
  • Historical (Possible) Examples
  • 5GW in Fiction (books, movies and TV)
  • Possible Current 5GW
  • Preparing for 5GW
  • Defend against 5GW
  • Doing 5GW
  • Clausewitz, Sun-Tsu, Boyd, and 5GW
  • Survey of Opposing Views to this PoV
  • The Other 5GWs: Survey of other uses of the Term
  • Future Directions, Questions, and the Way Forward

I would be willing to write, co-write of contribute to any of these (except the Forward).

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