I am being abused by Verizon mentally

Verizon, you suck.

I am on-hold right now with the Verizon Business technical support super secret escalation number.

I am being abused by their on-hold music.

It is playing a disco/techno instrumental version of Stairway to Heaven.

Why would a business do this? Do they want their customers to hate them more?

By the time I am brought off hold, I will be pissed off and ready to fly off the handle at the Verizon guy for abusing my ears and not just becuase they have not been able to fix service (for 7+ days) to one of my remote sites.

I like to think he is singing “Verizon, you can suck my…”

One Response

  1. TW: They had closed my ticket with restoring service. They just don’t want our money. I started the ball rolling: I am moving all of remaining Verizon sites to cable modems (20+).

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