“Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, told Press Wednesday that the Fairness Doctrine is needed not to remove any conservative voices, but to ensure that there are a few liberal shows on the air.”

When I hear stuff like this, I wonder why is NPR (the dominate FM talk radio network that is Liberal/Leftist mostly – and on the public dole) ignored? How about Wisconsin Public Radio? It is liberal to leftist and I presume the other state Public Radios are as well.

I presume since NPR and the others are not mentioned, that this is not really about “fairness” but is instead about stifling political speech that the Left and its useful idiots are opposed too.

So I can use this as a test.

If you are for the fairness doctrine (and therefore against liberty and free speech), then I am against you.

Note: I don’t listen to AM talk radio. I listen to NPR and to WPR. Does this surprise you? If so read this.

Update: Bill Clinton want the Fairness Doctrine too (noted by HotAir).

Update: Via Hot Air, listen Megyn Kelly slap down Liberal talk show host Bill Press.  He clearly against conservative AM radio. He does not want NPR to be covered. He also ignores the market failures of Liberal talk radio. I have liked Press when have seen him before, but he comes off as a tool here.

4 Responses

  1. Self-aware liberals should be thinking how the Roberts court would rule on the constitutionality of a fairness doctrine, and on the matter in which it might be applied.

  2. That’s a good point. There will be a lot of tax money wasted litigating this…and then nothing as the Roberts court finds it unconstitutional.

  3. I was never impressed when Press filled in for Alan Colmes. Those two always seemed to me like morons. Either that or they had a conscience redactor working in the background using up 95% of their CPU/intellectual resources.

  4. I used to watch “Buchannon and Press” and it was pretty good.

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