Anybody read anything from Bobbit recently on the “Market-State”?

I have not been able to find anything too recent (post financial meltdown) from him on the Market-State concept. I should dig up my state notes and post them. I wasn’t sold on the Market-State model and have some alternatives that are (or may be) evolving.

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  1. I have actually spent my spring break (ha, 1/2 school work, still full-time work) re-reading that book (and still think 2/3 of what he is saying is on point, even if I may disagree like hell with it at times).

    I can now see where Obama’s social policies (the good and the bad) and Bush’s financial ineptitude are going to lead us to a “Market-State” esque moment in the next 10 years when much of the USG has to be sold off and privatized.

    I would eagerly look forward to reading about your evolving alternatives whenever you get around to writing about them.

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