Fakery: “Sen. Russ Feingold and Rep. Paul Ryan officially unveiled their proposal for a line-item veto…”

From JSOnline.com:

Sen. Russ Feingold and Rep. Paul Ryan officially unveiled their proposal for a line-item veto that would allow the president to trim earmarks from spending bills.

How brave and courageous of them…except, its a fake out.

A line-item veto is not constitutional.

Authority for a President to have a line-item veto can only come from by way of a Constitutional Amendment (I support the line-item veto concept, and have my own variant, BTW).

So that is what Wisconsin’s Senator Feingold and Rep. Ryan must be proposing a Constitutional Amendment, right?


Feingold and Ryan said they believe the proposed legislation would stand any constitutional challenges because Congress would vote on the president’s proposed package of earmarks. If either chamber votes against the package by a simple majority, it will not be enacted, making the proposed legislation different from the line-item veto struck down in 1998 by the Supreme Court, which said Congress wasn’t authorized to give the president that power.

Feingold said Congress would not be allowed to amend the president’s line-item veto package and, since it would be under a strict time limit for action, there would be no filibusters.

Though line-item vetoes have been proposed in the past, Feingold and Ryan are hopeful the dire state of the U.S. economy will motivate lawmakers to pass the legislation.
The legislation requires the president to submit earmark deletions to Congress within 30 calendar days of signing a bill into law. It would sunset by the end of 2014 to allow Congress to decide whether to renew it.

Here are my two takeaways:

1) The don’t really respect the US Constitution that they are sworn to uphold. If they did, they would have submitted a resolution for Constitution Amendement (Feingold is on the Judiciary committee). The will never get my vote for anything (Ryan has been having a bad streak with me)

2) They don’t really want the president to have line-item veto authority – this is just for show.

This is why I have little respect for congress.

One other thing, you usually hear regarding the line-item veto, that it takes too long to get an amendment passed. Just remember it took just under four months to pass and ratify (starting 10 March 1971, ending 5 July 1971) the 26th Amendment.

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