Education X 5

Some education related links and thoughts here today:

1. Geolounge points to Carlton College using Google Earth to aid in teaching.

2. Econlog has a post on economics education where Kling asks for suggestions. I think concentrating on basic concepts (with broad applicability is a good idea. Kling also brings in entrepaunerlism by having his students work through the nuts andbolts of starting a company.  Other posters reference two chapters from D. Friedman, or playing Settlers of Catan (I am a big fan of the use of  simulations and games in classes and not just because I kicked ass in those classes in my MBA program), The Henry Hazlitt book (which got me excited about economics), Mankiw’s “Ten Principles of Economics”, “Economics in One Page“, and Milton Friedman’s Free to Choose (big thumbs up from me).

3. Perthaps I was a bit harsh on the MBA. Just a bit though.

4. Shlok suggests a different approach to medical education. I do think more PAs and Nurse Practioners is a good idea.

5. Learn to be a spy

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