Congrats My Fellow Americans! Rejoice! The War on Terror is over!

How about that!

The Long War /GWOT must have been one because it it no longer exists. The terrorist threat (really the threat to American way from the Global Islamofascist Movement with assistance from the hardcore Leftists enablers and useless idiots such as Transnational Progressives).

While it is true, that the US may face a few man-made disasters and need to undertake some overseas contingency operations, with the War on Terror over , President Obama and Veep Biden have ended the terrorist threats facing the United States.

With our Brave New President, we can own up to our past sins, and make things right.

I confident that the efforts of the Obama Administration will continue to lead to doubleplusgood outcomes for my country!

Update: Maybe I should have waited one more day for this post.

4 Responses

  1. Chirol had a reasonable post arguing for this (a semantic change) two years ago that still seems relevant.

    I still argue for “Operation Clean Up Behind Europe”.

  2. “Operation Clean Up Behind Europe”

    I like that!

  3. I like this line from the CA article:

    “if you want to believe in heaven and yet can’t stomach God, Communism remains very appealing”

  4. Continuing on the Euro trash theme… a biting observation from David Rothkopf…

    “Americans may create enormous global problems, but then we actually feel some obligation to try to help solve them. Whereas Europeans, who used to create most of the world’s problems, don’t even do that anymore…and when it comes to solving problems, c’est pour les Americains, non?”

    Oh wait.. another one…

    “Oh yes, and also, as we have mentioned before, he is a member of a racial minority group who has actually had the opportunity to reach the top in our society. Which would never ever happen in Europe. “

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