Rejected by Facebook

Rejected by Facebook

Also rejected:

Mr. Purpleslog
Fuck You


8 Responses

  1. How about Ima Purpleslog? 🙂

    Or rather some other generic first name with Purpleslog as the last name

  2. I like “Ima”. I wil try that. or Joe Purpleslog.

  3. Elwood P. Purpleslog worked!

    This was my inspiration:

  4. *cheers*


  5. Lol! “Fuck You” wouldn’t fly?

  6. Jay…I have a short temper sometimes…especially with computer software or robots.

  7. I also once flipped a deer off on the side of the road for making me slow down my car.

  8. It’s like a toothpaste for dinner cartoon 🙂 The frustration and anome! 🙂

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