Is this a Joke? – “President Obama will convene his first Cabinet meeting this morning and order his department chiefs to immediately cut a combined $100 million from their budgets”

Its a token amount at best.

Anybody serious about cuts should answer these 6 questions.

1) Name one Cabinet Department should be abolished (1/2 credit for abolishing a sub-department or turning a cabinet department into a smaller sub-department.

2) Name one transfer payment that should be ended.

3) Name five cabinet Assistant Secretaries or Undersecretaries to abolish.

4) Name five tax loopholes to close.

5) Name one additional task or program to out-source to the private sector to reduce costs (including a net loss of USGOV jobs).

6) What USGOV owned asset should be sold or leased out?

Other Congressional news:

For years, Capitol Hill bonuses have been distributed to employees near the end of the year. LegiStorm, which tracks payroll data, found that congressional bonuses last year were the highest in years.



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