Thoughts on the upcoming Green Bay Packers Season

I usually don’t watch any pre-season games, but I will be watching tonight’s Packer games.

This is going to be a challenging season for the packers.

IMHO, there are three big issues for the packers:

1) Defense: How will the defense adjust to using primarily a 3-4? There is a lot of “fingertip feel” that the defense is going to have to build up and throughout the season to be successful since football is a game of seconds and inches.

2) Kicking: Will punting suck again? Will field-goal kicking be subpar? Punting and place kicking were so poor last season, it was like giving the other side an additional first down conversion each series. Also, do the packers have the capability top win games with last second field goals? It remains to be seen.

3) Quarterback: Aaron Rodgers proved he was smart enough and physical enough to be a starting pro football quarterback. He showed grace with the whole Favre distraction. What Rodgers did not show is if he is a clutch playmaker or not. The packer offense had a dearth of successful late game drives. It may have been do to a sum of factors. It maybe be that Rodgers doesn’t have “it”. We will know by the end of the season for sure, one way or another.

Green Bay Packers - logo

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