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Music Break – The Violent Femmes cover Gnals Barkley’s Crazy!

Here is the Violent Femmes Version:

Here is the original:

Here is Gnals Barkley covering the Femmes:

RIP Jim Carroll

I just read Jim Carroll died on 9/11/2009.

RIP punk poet – this is for you my brother:

Digging Glee

I am really liking the new TV show Glee. The first episode blew me away.

The blog TV Squad had the idea to suggest 5 songs you’d like to see them cover. Well here are my choices (the first 5 that came to mind anyways):

– Rick Springfield’s Jesse’s Girl
– Bee Gee’s Lonely Days
I will Survive (more Cake then Gloria Gaynor)
– Lily Allen’s Smile
– Bruce Cockburn’s Wondering Where the Lions Are

(old found draft post)CyberWar – Ref Links

Apr 26, 2009 @ 12:05

I will return to the topic of CyberWar sometime in the near future.

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(old found draft post)Historical 5GW Example: The Anti-Nixon 5GW-ish Coup

Dec 31, 2008 @ 15:53

I should still write this up more fully, if I have time to get into it. The revelation was pretty shocking and way under-reported.







(old found draft post) Energy News

Dec 16, 2008 @ 8:35

This was just going to an energy links roundup.

Wireless Power Transmission test have been successful. Yeah for Tesla!

Suck it Al Gore: “Greenhouse Gas Comes from Solar Panels

Bjorn Lomborg Says Cool It!: Getting our priorities right on climate change and the world’s top problems

West Allis (Milwaukee news)
: “Mini wind turbine proposal blows into council chambers”

“Another potential big deal is the thorium breeder reactor.”

(old found draft post)Pro-Entrepreneurial Public Policy Suggestions

Dec 24, 2008 @ 16:29

I should come back to gathering these.

Dump Sox


Tort Refrom

IP reform

Radical transparency


(old found draft post) Ralph Peters: “the complexity of counterterror operations comes down to three essential requirements”

Dec 4, 2008 @ 10:17

I am not sure why I didn’t post it. I guess I didn’t feel like going to how to do a counter-terror/counter-4GW 5GW. I should come back to this idea.

In the NY Post:

All the complexity of counterterror operations comes down to three essential requirements: Superb intelligence, ruthless determination and tremendous patience.

Intelligence helps you find the enemies you need to kill; determination means you kill them – and patience means accepting that even a successful fight will take decades, if not generations.

Sounds right to me.

So, do we have “Superb intelligence”. I have no idea. It is at least “good” I would venture (and expect given the budget size).

Do we have “ruthless determination”? I don’t think – at least much of the political class doesn’t (or most the US  population).

Lastly, Does the US have “tremendous patience”. I would say no, for sure no way. The US did not have the patience in the Cold War. It took a 5GW to set much of the US cold war response on automatic.

I guess we need a Long War 5GW.

(old found draft post) Fixing Milwaukee Notes – Notes from 9/7 Sunday Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Sep 11, 2008 @ 16:08

My “Fixing Milwaukee” post are on hiatus. The problem is real big, I am a bit discouraged at the moment. I am not sure of the next steps.

Reference Definition: Institutions

Definitions Matter. For future reference, I will use the definition for “Institutions”

“Institutions are the humanly devised constraints that structure human interaction. They are made up of formal constraints (rules, laws, constitutions), informal constraints (norms of behavior, conventions, and self imposed codes of conduct), and their enforcement characteristics.” [Ref: Douglass C. North Nobel Lecture]

http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/economics/laureates/1993/north-lecture.html ]


Fixing Milwaukee Notes – Problem/Solutions Dimensions

  • Institutions
  • Culture
  • Attitudes
  • leadership
  • incentives
  • focus
  • public relations
  • security
  • human capital
  • demographics
  • natural resources
  • business

wealth and capital
regulatory laws, zoning
governmentsal relations

(old found draft post) Hands off my 401k

Oct 25, 2008 @ 8:35

This must have been inspired by some Obama advisers who wanted to get rid of 401ks. Their plan was to force the same contributions and give Americans something like a 2% return off it. This would have effectively decreased the wealth of Americans as more money would need to be saved for retirement (out side of the government plan) and this savings would have no tax favoured status. I haven’t heard anything about this recently though, so that is good news.



(old found draft post) biz ideas X 2

From Sep 26, 2008 @ 14:29

What was I thinking?

asisted Living Robotics

bio-discovery driven engineering

Robot News (links – no post)

I was going to write a post on this along time ago. Instead, I just follow this blog – robots.net . So, I am dumping these links. I may write on robotics now and then.

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Lots of old draft posts

I found quite few old post of mine in “draft mode”. I am going to post them to also clear my mind. I am going to do a bunch of link dumps as well.

You tell him, Jack!


I will just note my prior posts on  9/10/2001 and 9/11/2001.

Maybe I will write more in a few days.

Useful Idiocy

Here is a Quote Chain found on LyfLines via The Corner:

George Orwell:

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.

John Derbyshire:

Wherever there is a jackboot stomping on a human face there will be a well-heeled Western liberal to explain that the face does, after all, enjoy free health care and 100 percent literacy.

Thomas Friedman:

One-party autocracy certainly has its drawbacks. But when it is led by a reasonably enlightened group of people, as China is today, it can also have great advantages. That one party can just impose the politically difficult but critically important policies needed to move a society forward in the 21st century.

To which let me point out:

The Default American PoV has become a Leftist POV.

So, how do we Americans un-do this?

Found While browsing: The Terak

I followed a a stray through while browsing on the internet and re-found the Terak.

The Terak was the Micro Computer I used in my first college programming
class – CS302 Honors Intro to Computer Programming (using Pascal). While I had done some programming with BASIC on Apple 2s and a Dec PDP11, this was my first “real” programming class.

Found at the informative http://www.threedee.com/jcm/terak/ :

It is an early personal computer made by the Terak Corporation of Scottsdale, Arizona. It was sold from about 1979 until 1985.

One of the first models was the Terak 8510/a shown above. It was based on the popular PDP-11/03 processor, a 16-bit CPU. The Terak 8510 could have as much as 128K of RAM with the PDP-11/23 option. For storage, it has big eight-inch floppy drives that go klunk-klunk, in IBM 3740 format, holding roughly 256K, 512K or 1 meg each. Hard disks of five to forty megs were available. The Terak featured both RS-232 and 20 milliamp current loop serial connections, so you could connect to the printers and teletypes of the time. The keyboard included a numeric keypad and arrow keys arranged in a vertical column.

The Terak was advertised as a “Graphic Computer System.” It featured a monochrome 320 x 240 square-dot display and relatively advanced video features such as a purely bitmapped display, allowing a customizable character set, the mixing text and graphics on the same screen, and raster operations like continuous smooth panning and scrolling. The system included a twelve-inch composite video monitor. It even had programmable sound and a two-inch speaker. The main system box was robust metal, weighing about forty pounds.

Wait, WTF?

The Terak was popular for teaching Pascal to college kids. As such, all the oldsters who were in college then and used this computer have a great affection for it, meaning they can no longer remember how slow they were.

Oldsters? F*cking whippersnapper.

Anyways, I like how the author of the above got his:

I have several Terak 8510/a and hundreds of floppies. I bought the first one in 1990 for about $25 at a University of Wisconsin–Madison Surplus equipment sale. At one time, the UW had about a dozen Teraks in the computer science and math departments, including about eight that were available to students in entry-level programming classes.

One of my Cozumel photos has been used…


Here is the original:

Cozumel Mexico

FYI: Xenophon Roundtable

Here is the schedule for the upcoming roundtable on Xenophon’s Anabasis of Cyrus at Chicago Boyz:

Week of September 13, 2009: Posts re: Books I, II, III and IV
Week of September 20, 2009: Posts re: Books V, VI and VII
Week of September 27, 2009: “Wrap up” Posts: Opinions, Analysis, Conclusions.

I am in the middle of reading it right now. I am not sure of what angle I am going to take on my posts. I am just going to let my gut/emotion drive me in the moment.

Route of Xenophon and the Ten Thousand

From Wikipedia