Watching V (spoilers)

Spoilers to follow…

The final stage of the visitor’s plan was revealing themselves to us! [words of guy not crazy after-all from Episode 1 of V]

I was a fan of the original mini-series (not the later series) as a kid, and I have been looking forward to the new version.

It was worth the one-hour of my time. It didn’t drag and it got the action and story going quickly

In the new V, the Visitors are after something. Most people believe peace and hope and change has arrived to save the world (think of the Alien visitors as saviors from another planet) with a pretty face. Except…and that is where the fun comes from.

Some Alien conspiracy mongers are onto them (and the Visitors know it). It turns out they have been around for awhile – covertly/stealthily infiltrating and manipulating our organizations and institutions and turning the world upside down nudge by nudge (hey what does that sound like). It seems it is up to the conspracy mongers to figure out what is going on and to win the war that nobody else realizes earth is in with the Visitors.

It all sounds fun to me.

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  1. Just watched it tonight (DVR’d it)

    “(hey what does that sound like)”

    Yes it does, don’t it?

    I had always thought that the alien takeover in the original mini-series happened *too* quickly. Some time ago, nostalgically reminiscing about it, I figured that there had to have been covert groundwork laid-out long before the Visitors’ arrival, maybe even years in advance–infiltrations, abductions and brainwashings of Important People (or use of impostors), earlier contacts with certain corporate and political personalties, secret deals under the table, threats, blackmailings, etc.

    If any of this was touched on in the original series, I couldn’t recall it–maybe in mass market novelizations? (Were there any?)

  2. I decided to DVR it too and have decided that I will watch it until it sucks.

    So far, after the first episode, it doesn’t suck yet. I’ll be interested to see how they write a counterterrorism specialist creating an underground, cell-based, resistance movement knowing that her agency will be watching for it.

    Getting a bunch of people all in the same room ain’t the way to do it.

  3. Hmm…. I can see it now:

    “Are you now or have you ever been a Space Lizard”?

    “I’ll be interested to see how they write a counterterrorism specialist creating an underground, cell-based, resistance movement knowing that her agency will be watching for it.”

    Yeah, that would be cool to see (assuming that the series shows it, of course).

    Getting a bunch of people all in the same room ain’t the way to do it.”

    Well, it was supposed to be word-of-mouth…

  4. Any chance that either the FBI agent or the Visitors are familiar with the story of the Soviet operation known as “The Trust”?

    • In-show Answer:

      I am not very impressed by FBI Counter-intelligence knowledge.


      I am not very impressed by Hollywood writers knowledge of CI and National security stuff.

      It would be fun to see a Trust like anti-resistance CI op in the show.

      I hope we didn’t just guess the season one cliffhanger!

      • The one Western historian who had limited access to the TREST files, John Costello, reported that they comprised thirty-seven volumes and were such a bewildering welter of double-agents, changed code names, and interlocking deception operations with “the complexity of a symphonic score,” that Russian historians from the Intelligence Service had difficulty separating fact from fantasy.

  5. Episode 2 wasn’t that good.

  6. Episode 3 was much better. Introducing the “hidden faction” of V’s opposed to the V’s has the potential to be brilliant.

    There are certainly shades of a 5GWish something going on.

    However, right now my biggest complaint about the show is that the developers seem to have forgotten that the internet and mass media have occurred. The use of the one news anchor to represent that phenomenon is juvenile. What I mean is this: it only takes the capture of 1 V, or the complicity of one of the traitor V’s, to blow everything wide open. Just cut half the face off, while filming that, or taking photos, and post it on the Internet where it would go viral. Done deal.

    I suspect, and fear, that the developers may be aware of this and will show how the V’s monitor and control the internet and all media sources (similar to control of the 911 dispatch they’ve displayed) — a la a suped-up China. I think that would be going too far in the movie; nonetheless, the resistance could easily fall back to a simpler technology and slap posters of the Big Reveal all over major cities (think Obama as Joker) and distribute fliers a la certain over-eager Christian proselytizers.

  7. It looked interesting for a while but the last few episodes (while showing some interesting manipulative type stuff like the staged assassination attempt) kind of lost my interest. I like the premise. I like the potential ideas it could explore. It doesn’t seem like the writing is heading in that direction however. Good fodder for 5GWish thinking. Mediocre television. I think I’m done with it.

  8. CGW…not including the web is a major flaw. Compare this to the Flash Forward where the investigators (off camera) put up a wiki of sorts to allow people to self-report their “flash-forwards”…which the investigators then data mine.

    I guess the show is off till the spring. I may watch it again, unless other TV interferes.

  9. Flash Forward has for raised an interesting idea w/ their “Mosaic” effort. From a 5GW p.o.v., the creation of focused web sites to track general thinking patterns and/or to cause certain patterns to become more apparent (from analysis of a set of specifically and otherwise unrelated sites) would seem to be a potential good tool.

    Of course, Google might be doing this already.

    The difference, for me, would be between 1) taking popular sites that spring up on their own, analyzing the cross-patterns for clues (which no doubt already happens), and 2) creating specific sites to focus and narrow down general revelations to something useful & already determined.

  10. I think in the context of the show that it is a secret that the FBI is behind Mosaic. They do not dwell on the nuts and bolts or on the data mining details,

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