My angry jihadiwannabe commenter seems…confused

This comment cracks me up. Does the angry jihadiwannabe want to destroy me, or ask me out on a date?

Perhaps this is more his style:

5 Responses

  1. The poor guy needs to switch to decaf….

  2. This jihadist knows that not even proxy servers are untraceable when military supercomputers are on the job, yes?

    So if he thinks the US military are terrorists, why is he willingly to give out his ip, even if it is an internet cafe ip run through multiple proxy servers internationally, for the US military to pick up and send a death squad after him?

    Is he that desperate for more boyfriends…

  3. Well, maybe he wants to check because he wants us to follow him home.

    Why does he want a missile up his arse that bad?

  4. I think he just wants to make new friends…human friends.

  5. “If you are a man come to the yahoo messenger and lets chat”


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