Capturing My Thoughts: “Who are We”

From a question by Cannoneer No. 4 made here:

When I say “We”, I mean US Citizens and Future US Citizens aligned with the core beliefs of the USA (e.g. All are created equal; natural right to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness; GOV exist only at the consent of the people, not the other way around) and accepting the governing social contract(e.g. a republic; separation of powers; federalism; US Constitution as the highest law of the land; equality for all before the the law).

There has to be a better way of saying this. What am I missing?

Thoughts/Help would be appreciated!


7 Responses

  1. Your version of “we” sounds a lot like “Patriots.”

    2 major political parties, 2 so-called “wings” on the linear political spectrum so many find so convenient. On which side of the aisle do “we”find many fellow travellers?

  2. add a w to above url

  3. Corrected. Interesting URL. Need to digest.

  4. Bruckner’s description of guilty white Euroweenies works pretty well for guilty white liberals with American passports.

    As “We” & “Us” proceed to ever more precisely define “Ourselves”, are “We” not also defining the “Other” / “They” / “Them” / Not “Us” that “We” seek to more effectively oppose?

  5. Try this as a definition of “Us”

    <blockquote". . . entrepreneurial frontiersmen, Cultural Revolutionaries, American Exceptionalists, libertarians, people who want to be left the hell alone, Gulchers, Constitutionalists, Appleseeds, bitter clingers, Christians, and Patriots, plus . . . blue collar men, married women, suburban marrieds, small business owners, independent professionals, and others out of the endless PC-status game and status wars

    A big tent Coalition Of The Unwilling To Drink The Kool Aid

  6. Lexington Green also suggests this link:

    I had the tab open to read later.

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