Reference: Thomas Barnett’s 5GW Posts

When Barnett upgraded his blog to the current “Globlogization”, it broke the old links.

So, I don’t have to search and search for his 5GW stuff again. this is a quick reference page.

– 20061008 The sandwich generations-of-war strategy
[My Note: This is mostly a long quote by RevG who was an early 5GW thinker who has disappeared from the web]

– 20061009 Fifth Generation (political) warfare
– 20061015 Tom around the web: 5GW edition

– 20061016 My own personal 5GW dream
[My Note: This is the big one]

– 20061017 A thousand flowers will bloom on 5GW, and countless more weeds
– 20070619 Nice post by Curtis on 5GW
– 20070911 5GW v. 1+2+3=4
– 20091115 Obama 5GW
– 20100616 Gates: a 5GW warrior working a wedge


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