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    WTF Video [Not Safe For Work or Kids]

    Update (better pic):

    Ray Bradbury
    Ray Bradbury Pictures

    Orig Picture:

    Still has game?

    5 Responses

    1. Well, I can’t unhear that now. I knew it was a bad idea to click the link. At least they had quality production values. Thanks.


    2. Thanks a lot! NOT! I watched the stupid video like 3 or 4 days ago….once.

      Today I come into work and some song is stuck in my head.. I hum it.. and suddenly I realize it is the ray bradbury song.

      BTW – I would suggest using a young ray bradbury picture :


      It might fit the narrative better.

      PS – I hope this entry gets the song out of my head!!!!

    3. Kusswords, I added in the picture you suggested.

      The one I used was the freakiest I could find.

      Heck, there is blood over his shirt, hand and face. It is like he just finished feeding on a small animal or intern that he killed with his bare hands.

    4. Finally, I displaced the song with this one:

    5. Hey…I have seen the John Williams/ Video thing before. I like it.

      Of course, now I am humming “I want to !#%$!& JohnWilliams”.

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