Is broken? I can’t add items to shopping cart.

I haven’t been able to add items to my cart all weekend.

WHen I “click” on to add to cart, a “loading” layer comes on the screen…and then nothing.

While this will save me money, it is quite annoying.

It sucks.

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  1. That sucks.

    I had a similar problem (but not identical) when creating a widget at Amazon to put on D5GW resources page. The same pop-up loading screen came up, but all the images for preview kept loading, loading, loading without displaying them. The problem was related to my anti-virus program which has a “block banner” setting; I unchecked that, and all worked well.

    Also, I’ve been noticing that Firefox’s Adblock Plus can occasionally cause similar problems. If you use FF and that plugin, you might click on the icon for it and tell it to ignore Amazon.

  2. I left a comment but it did not post!

    Good luck!

    • I found it and approved it. It appears as the first comment. It was snagged by the spam filter.

      • It is weird. Posting here or at Arherring’s blog, which are both on WordPress, or at tdaxp’s, which is not on WP, if I use the D5GW link as my Website, my comments sometimes get blocked! It’s a little ironic…

  3. I think it was something did. Whatever it was, they fixed it. I haven’t altered my AV/firefox/pc setup.

  4. This is still occurring from time to time.

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