My Favorite TV Shows 2009-2010ish Season

I figured I should list these before the new season starts:

Glee – A weekly/quirky/musical!

Men of  Certain Age – A comedy/drama about men just past their prime

Justified – It is a Western…set in 2010. It is awesome!

Big Bang Theory – Traditional Sitcom but revolving around math/science geeks.

How I Met Your Mother – Funny Sitcom…the end of the show is near I fear.

Chuck – Spy-based action comedy – funny and quirky.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The anti-Sitcom. The characters are not likable. They do bad things. There are no life lessons learned. Prepare to LOL 30 minutes at a time.

Rescue Me – A drama with comic moments.

The Colony – A reality show and human lab experiment about survival post-Apocalypse. A 2nd season is on now.

Surviving Disaster – It is “a simulation of real life disaster situations” – quite fun and informative.

Shark Tank – This is sort of a entrepreneurship reality show that I fond interesting.

Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld – MY favorite and only late night show!

I am a Gleek

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  1. Top Gear (BBC America). Since I’m currently lacking tv service of any sort, I have to go to other peoples’ houses if I want to watch anything. This is the only thing I make it a point to be at other peoples’ houses to watch.

    On the missed list are:
    WorldMusic (LinkTV)
    NCIS, Covert Affairs, Royal Pains (USA)
    Gangland (History Channel)
    Mythbusters (Discovery Channel)
    Cats 101, Dogs 101 (Animal Planet)
    Pimp My Ride (MTV)
    assorted anime shows (Sci Fi, Cartoon Network)

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  3. Michael,

    I am a big NCIS fan, but last season was a bit weak comparatively.

    I have watched Covert Affairs and Royal Pains. I am not sure I would if it wasn’t summertime. Covert Affairs has promise.

    I will check out the others (except the anime stuff)..

  4. I’ve been enjoying White Collar and Burn Notice. I’ve never been able to get into NCIS.

  5. Burn notice has been good but my interest waned this summer (the new-ness is gone I guess).

  6. For me the list would be narrow — but then we are in the summer season w/ reruns.

    Lie To Me — nearly my favorite.

    Stargate Universe — also nearly my favorite! But I watch it through Hulu, looking forward to next season

    House — Unlike Arherring, I somewhat like the soap-opera aspect as well as the rest — when it specifically involves House.

    (Incidentally, I’ve wanted to see a House-Lie to Me crossover; I think House would lose that battle….)

    I also like Legend of the Seeker. Really wish the UK Merlin 2nd season would show here; first season did, but because it’s an across-the-pond thing I’ve had to wait and only hope they bring the 2nd season over.

    I don’t tend to watch much television, only watch Lie to Me “live” on the night of its broadcast, although I follow the others on Hulu.

    • Lie to Me and House can be pretty good. House is starting to get to predictable. As for Lie to Me, I have long had a TVcrush on the female co-star since The Practice.

      A House-Lie to Me crossover would be fun.

      SGU…I admit I watched it. Most of it was not so good. Several good episodes, especially at the end. I will watch when it comes back on.

      I never saw the Seeker show. Cancelled, correct?

      Wasn’t S2 of Merlin showing on the Sci-Fi channel?

      • Reviews for SGU were somewhat negative, but I always attributed it to the fact that it’s a little more hard sci-fi: they’re not constantly running into new alien races and fighting all the time. It’s more a story about the people and how they deal with being “lost in space.” The last season finale was very good.

        Seeker has had 2 good seasons. Haven’t heard anything about it being canceled–hope not! It might be an acquired taste, since first of all every single extra is a horrible actor. The main actors are pretty good though, and I’ve thought that show has done the whole mage/magic thing right for once.

        I don’t have cable. 😉 Why pay, when I can catch it on Hulu? Haven’t checked for S2 of Merlin lately, but there’s usually a delay before the less-popular shows end up on Hulu.

      • Alas Legend of the Seeker was indeed cancelled. Only 2 seasons. It wasn’t the greatest thing ever, though, just a little light popcorn fantasy.

        Now what I REALLY want to see is the Game of Thrones series, which I imagine will be mind-blowingly awesome.

        • Game of Thrones looks very interesting!

          There is nothing wrong with Popcorn Fantasy! I was a loyal watcher of Hercules/Xena back in the day (even the really bad last season of Zena).

          Over the summer, S2 of The Colony wasn’t so good.

          My favorite show this summer turned out to be “The Glades” – a detective show on Sundays at A&E.

  7. OOPS forgot Glee, the other show I watch when it airs. This summer season thing kinda screws me up though lol.

    • I was surprised by how much liked Glee. I avoid “High School” shows otherwise. The pilot got me though – I saw it when it was re-run. I am a Gleek. It is a mini-musical each week!

      • Yeah, I’m a Gleek as well. I have thought that some of the shows were a little boring and too fabricated but most were really good. I’m kinda wondering how they can keep it up though.

  8. I watched my recording of the S2 Colony finale.

    Two thoughts:

    1) S2 was weaker and less interesting then S1.

    2) The great last 30 seconds of the finale almost made up for all of S2 shortcomings.

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