Anybody out there using a residential VOIP service?

If so, could you share your experience (e.g. vendor, price, service quality).


Telephone operators, 1952

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  1. I’m using Vonage, it’s about $32 or so a month, it does the job very fine.

  2. Steve thanks for the info.

    I have ATT local service right that comes in just under $30.

    I am looking to see if I can something $20 or under to save some money. Along those lines, I am thinking about dropping cable TV and just using a combo of OTA/Netflix-Streaming/Hulu-Pro/Boxee and my internet connection.

  3. PS,

    We used Vonage in VA and TN. It was excellent quality, with lots of cool features like text-translation for voice mails (which would be emailed to you with the .wav audio file) and “virtual” number (so you could have a “local” number in any area code for non-VOIPers to call you without toll charges).

    Our base fee was $24.95/mo for unlimited US/UK/Spain/Italy calling. Since 2006 they’ve probably expanded the free international options…. We also had a fax line ( $9.95/mo), two virtual numbers ( $3.95 each), visual voice mail (25 cents per message) and taxes; monthly bill was in the $45-50 range.

    We plugged our modem into a wall phone jack, so ever jack in the house was active. Nthey recommend you hard-disconnect from the phone company line, since their routine “pings” could damage your modem.

    One drawback is that when you lose power or Internet service, you lose phone service too. And you have to do an online registration to confirm your service address for 911.

    We enjoyed the service, and only left Vonage when Comcast gave us a great bundled deal here in Colorado.

    sf/ shane

  4. i m Using skype To call mi uncle in india butt voice quilty is so bad
    regards maria
    Internet Safety Tips

  5. We have Lingo. It’s OK. It works. We pay $221/year plus $4.30/mo. If you are techie, you can program it to forward certain calls.

    Prior to, we had Sunrocket who went out of business after we paid them for a year. Sucks.

    Prior to that, we had Vonage. They pissed us off, but I forgot why.

    I have also thought about the Ooma service. And if your cell coverage is decent, drop your landline completely; why pay for two phone services?

  6. I am paying now (after the latest fee increase) just under $30/month for a bare bones ATT Land-line. My LD is real cheap with no monthly fee. I have a Virgin Mobile pay-as-you-go cell phone that costs me $5-$10/month.

    I am looking to save money and perhaps increase functionality.

    It looks like the Residential VOIP will only save money for those that are are spending lots on a landline.

    Dropping the land-line and going to a hard-core cell phone (iPhone? Android?) might be the way to go,

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