Anybody out there using Sezmi (instead of Cable or Satellite TV)?

If so, could you share your experience with it[1][2][3]?

This would seem to be a much cheap alternative to Cable/Satellite with Tivo. This is especially true if paired with Netflix Streaming (for movies and older TV shows) ,  or Boxee | Hulu (for other internet content).

FYI: It is available in the Milwaukee area.



Sezmi Box


6 Responses

  1. I’ve heard mixed results from Uverse. It’s basically IPTV streamed over DSL. This works best with one TV set.

    Also, Netflix just announced that you no longer need a disc to watch streaming on the Wii.

    If you are lucky and can get local digital TV stations, that’s nice and cheap.

    I have also heard good things about Roku.

  2. I can’t get uVerse where I am. If I could, I might use that for more internet bandwidth.

    I am getting and antenna and booster to verify I can get the local stations before I proceed.

    I love my Roku and us it mostly for Netflix and Pandora streaming. It is going to also steam Hulu Plus soon…so I think I have my solution ready.

  3. Also….I did find a OTA DVR w/o a monthly fee, that channelmaster.

  4. Sezmi cut there upfront price in half, so I ordered through Amazon. It is on back-order right now.

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